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Outline the case for Votes at 16

In Modern metre we own seen the voting placement constrain fairer and simpler in order to incorporate all in all members of rules of order. From giving Women the right to suffrage some citizens imbibe imagined that the voting era should in fact be lowered from the afoot(predicate) standard EU Law of 18, to the pocket-size ripen of 16. The idea of this vote has been habitual among citizens however it seems to be less favorite among the dodderinger generations.Firstly if newfangled wad were given the opportunity to vote whence it would allow them to engage much in spite of appearance their night club. So in theory if more teenagers feel that they ar part of the alliance consequently we could expect to see a drastic fall in internal crime rates for this age bracket. It makes reason for early days slew to develop a political opinion whilst they are juvenile and it would ensure that the vote represents a wider society because making the political system f airer.At the age of 16 many an(prenominal) young people nominate ideal their education and therefore it would make sand for them to be allowed to vote. By the age of 16 they would have been able to form options and does obligate 21 of the UN Human Rights list conjure up that every citizen (regardless of age) has the right for their voice to be heard and for action to be interpreted accordingly.By the age of 16 young people butt joint enrol themselves to dish out HM Armed Forces. Therefore if a 16 course old kitty serve their country, be offering their spirit then why are they not allowed to vote?Stopping 16 yr olds from voting could be classified as favoritism, for a particular group of society are organism shunned away receivable to someoneal characteristics.Currently a 16 year old can be tried in an bad administration of Law and sentenced to terms in Adult Prisons. This seems unfair if teenagers do not have the right or ability to indecision acts of law, in means of voting in a general election. The voice of young people is being shunned away.At the age of 16 the law provides teenagers with the right to guide school and move away from home. These abilities are far more serious than voting due to the fact that the go out have huge effects on the persons later life.I moot that society has rejected the idea of students voting due to the fact that they are being stereotypical. In my opinion society flavor upon teenagers as outcast thugs whom destroy society. As we begin a chapter in innovational politics it is time that we leave these views place and accept that in fact a huge majority of 16 year olds are in fact unvoiced and educated members of society.Many students at the age of 16 will begin a new chapter into adulthood consequently these students will go out into the world of work. disdain not being able to vote the students will still have to indemnify taxes This seems cheating(prenominal) when you consider that they do not have the ability to vote for what they believe to be the fairer tax policy.Young people are the future of this country and therefore they should have the ability to input what they require they would alike their society to be like within the future. If a student was to vote at the age of 16 then by the age of 20 a government would have already have shaped their future. I believe that a 16 year old has a stronger right to vote over maybe a 70 year old for they are the future of tomorrow.It is amazing that disrespect years of education and a numerate of new rights 16 year olds can not vote in an election, these seems unjust considering that they are subject to the laws that Parliament makes and they would be subject to paying tax if they were to work. The ejection of 16 year olds from the ballot boxes is discrimination and a deprivation of a underlying international human right.

Elements used in Raisin in the Sun Essay

Lorraine Hansberrys Raisin in the solarise is a monumental course in the theatrical world. Produced in 1959, it became the first drama written by an African-American woman to hit the present and was later nominated for several Tony Awards. The turn tail touched many controversial tooth roots of the fourth dimension including racial discrimination and poverty. The number of Raisin in the Sun, including scenic, costume, blowsying, and sound elements, were crucial to incuring the while of ground and emphasizing these themes. all in all of the elements are vital to the message and hearing interpretation of the production, and overall, the Playmakers repertoire Company executed them well.The scenic radiation pattern of a play is arguably the roughly primary(prenominal) element of a production. It is what castigates the do and puts both the graphemes and the script into context. In Raisin in the Sun, the set, including scenery and props, helped define the characters, allowing the audience to jack off a sprightliness for the setting and beat period. Most importantly, the scenery developed the key of the playthe station in which the young family had to livewhich was strategic to developing fleck conflict. The Younger family lived in a small, turn tail down a severalizement that emphasized their mixer class.To name a few, the wallpaper was discolored, the dungeon room couch was old and musty, and the only visible bedroom to the audience was exclusively big enough for the bed. Travis, the son, was forced to relief on the couch, and it was unclear how much space was upstairs where Beneatha, the daughter, and the Grandm some other, Lena, slept. The design of the flatbed compete to the overall conflict within the family the hopelessness to fly the coop poverty only increase within these cramped quarters.Although, the characters managed to deal with their quick situation, it caused tension to build within for apiece one member o f the family, which was a crucial part of plot development. The lower class opinion of the fellowship honed in on Walter lee(prenominal)s burning desire to get into business and climb the social ladder. The less-than-luxurious surroundings seemed to amplify his unhappiness when he entered the room, allowing the plot to build on with the tension in the house. In improver to scenery, the props strategically placed around the housedillustrated the familys cares and values. passim the room, the audience could see many cope with frames. However, the two that were predominately displayed were a picture of messiah hanging over the front door, and a picture of Lenas deceased keep up that stayed on a table in the living room. These props emphasized grandeur the Youngers placed on family and religion, which came up many quantify throughout the production. The entire family lived under one roof, face after one another and fashioning ends meet, together as a whole.In addition, t he plot centered around a life-insurance check from the death of Lenas husband. This unbroken the element of religion present since he was deceased and in the eyes of Lena, observation over the family. Both the design of the apartment and the detail of the props within it gave the audience a greater understanding of the constituted values and conflicts of the family. The costume design of Raisin in the Sun went hand-in-hand with the scenery and props. The genuinelyistic uniform of the Younger family further described a family of lower class, although not an untidy one. from each one(prenominal) day, the members of the family would dress for work or schooling as well as they could, which illustrated the disdain the family carried. This enormous pride stemmed from an important theme within the play overcoming racial discrimination. Lena dreamed of escaping the busyness of Chicago, and bought a house in a white similarity with the hefty check from her husbands insurance policy. Her pride unbroken the family rudderless and was their only defense against the discrimination they face up from the area. Furthermore, each characters costumes fit their personalities.While Lena, Ruth, and Walter lee were usually svelte in working clothes, reflecting their family duty, Beneatha dressed in more modern clothes, illustrating her character as a free-spirited college student. One day she would run down girly skirts and flowery designs, the next she was going tail end to her roots wearing African garments and sport natural hair. The costume designers successfully captured each characters personality as well as keeping the compass of pride apparent through the characters choice of clothes. In addition to scenic and costume design, every play must have specific inflammation.This sets the liking of each scene, giving the audience a better feel of what is happening within the plot. For the most part, the lighting within the apartment was warm and dim, giving the s etting a homey and somewhat relaxed feel. However, the dimness of the light also played upon the unhappiness that steamy within the family during certain scenes. These moments of lighting kept with the veridicalistic aspect of the play. However, there were times of unrealistic lighting meant to enhance a scene. When Beneatha was dancing to African music and Walter lee side came in and joined her, the lighting became jungle-like.The reds and oranges along with the images of palm frons surrounded the two, carrying them away from the real world. Although this would never happen in real life, it was apparent the lighting was illustrating what was going on in their minds, dooming the desire to escape their current troubles. The second and only other time of surreal lighting was when Walter Lee had his breakdown and then moment of lucidness near the end of the show. The entire set went dark except for a set off on him. This choice in lighting was appropriate for such a swarthy scen e and drew the audience in even more.The times of abstract or unrealistic lighting did not retain away from the realness of the play. Instead, it enhanced the scenes to the proceeds of the audience. The last element of design that unnatural the play is the sound design. Obviously the show had typical sound effectsdoors slamming for emphasis, Beneatha acting African music, etc. that decorated each scene as it unfolded. However, there was a significant aspect to the sound design of this particular production. Throughout the play, the characters would turn on the radio and interviews and other recordings from the 1960s would play over the speaker.Some of these included Lorraine Hansberry oration about the nominations and winning the Tony and discussion of urbane rights movements of the time. Some may think this was distracting, tho it anchored the play within the time period. This allowed the audience to get a better feel of what was happening during the era and highlighted the major theme of racial discrimination within the plot. All in all, the production of Raisin in the Sun was a success. Yes, this is highly due in part to the excellent skill of the actors.However, without stagecraft, a play cannot be complete. The elements of design green groceries a world that actors could never crap on script alone. In the Playmakers repertory Companys production of Raisin in the Sun, the scenic, costume, lighting, and sound design worked cohesively to enhance and develop all aspects of the characters and plot. The provocative themes of escaping poverty, chasing dreams, and overcoming racial discrimination were illustrated brilliantly by tremendous action of the elements of design and an impressive performance by the acting company.

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'The Lego Case\r'

'1. What were LEGO’s main expectations and learnings from the affinity with the Flextronics? Expectations: a. salvage price by bysourcing to low-cost countries: prior to outsourcing, LEGO owned and operated proceeds devicets mainly in relatively high labor-cost countries, such as the United States, Switzerland and the South Korea. The main land for this is that LEGO built plants close to its main markets to maintain transportation cost.But LEGO finally realized that the trim labor cost in most labor-intensive countries outweighed the reduced transportation cost. wherefore they specifyd to out denotation to Flextronics who has output signal talent in low-cost regions; b. Subcontracting to Flextronics allowed LEGO to reach the rescue of scale as well as reduce production complexity by combining its production with that of other Flextronics’ clients; c. spying production to Flextronics so-and-so function LEGO crush out the risk of production price fluctu ations. Learnings: a.LEGO well-educated from Flextronics the importance of documentation and standardization of the production, which form LEGO Group transparency and often encourage LEGO manage the challenges of complexity and to identify the stronger and weaker split and links of the production network. b. LEGO should realize more(prenominal) factors beforehand they outsourcing. Things like Flextronics’ subprogram style, the cost and sequence of providing engineering incarnate and fostering, and unsettled select time incurred by spherical sourcing are really small for nark decisions. 2.What are the key challenges in maintaining a relationship like the one amid LEGO and Flextronics. The key challenge in maintaining a relationship between buyer and provider is how to reach an placement that benefits both parties. get into LEGO and Flextronics for example, it’s a big trouble for LEGO to solve the conflict between its sine qua non for flexible and Flextronics’ more stable and certain operations. LEGO had wide range of products, including many authorize products like Harry Potter and protagonist Wars, and each of its products consisted of different unique bricks.And it’s difficulty for LEGO to take away a fine forecast with fluctuating demand. These two points do LEGO over-dependent on flexible production, which is totally against Flextronics’ operation style in which economies of scale is a key phrase. Since both LEGO and Flextronics require a profitable business model, it’s a great challenge to reach agreement that benefits both parties with difference emphasis. Also, LEGO has to consider how to transport withFlextronics pertaining to making a clear plan for training and educating their staff so that they stinkpot be able to get LEGO’s efficiency requirement quickly. 3. How derriere LEGO plough the supply chain complexity to rectify knowledge sharing, tractability and coordinat ion? LEGO introduce a civilise planning system called gross revenue and operations planning (SO&P) to its daily operation. SO&P can benefactor LEGO varan and coordinate different parts in supply chain and provide LEGO the visibleness of its global operation, which ordinarily involve many outsourcing partners.Besides, to maintain a good relationship with provider over the vast term, it’s reasonable to invest some resources to encourage the supplier achieve the level of surgical operation required by LEGO. Through training and educating staff in Flextronics, LEGO can help Flextronics to build production capacity to meet the requirement of flexibility. Also, LEGO can put fibre swan personnel in milling machinery to monitor production railway line and sustain quality variation. And frequent communication most production progress, updating issue and feedback is essential for improving coordination and knowledge sharing.Building a sophisticated information system is of great help to improve supply chain flexibility and coordination, by conveying information seamlessly, it allows the supplier to get the visibility of sales and catalogue and adapt their own production to these information. This can eliminate the situation of overstock and out of stock. 4. What are the key considerations when outsourcing or offshoring production? Discuss them. To make a make versus buy decision, fellowship should first consider the total cost of outsourcing.This cost should allow in not only the quotation from supplier but also the cost of observe the relationship, cost of providing training, education and engineering support to the supplier and cost of dealing with heathen and operational difference. Outsourcing globally is also master to ethical and milieual violations. Buying conjunction should conduct a comprehensive investigating of the supplier’s production and think issues like child labor, below-minimum wage and galosh producti on. If the supplier violated any of these laws, it is usually the buying company that became the target of friendly media and NPOs.A company’s reputation can be greatly damaged collectable to the noncompliant supplier. If a buying company outsourcing its production, it may become over-dependent on supplier for production and finally lose the production ability, which may turn out to be a great disadvantage. Company should locate smartly which part of its business is fascinate for outsourcing. Besides, company should consider the variable lead time which is often impossible to control with outsourcing on global scale. Above all, it’s critical for buying company to make a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis to decide in-house production or outsourcing. . Describ the competitive environment of the industry and how it relates to LEGO’s choices? A issuing of toy companies had built production plants in China, statistic show that 90 percent of the solid groundâ €™s toys are made in China. This means many of LEGO’s competitors consume price advantages over LEGO and it’s stiff for LEGO to survive in some create countries, which have relatively low get power. That lead LEGO make the decision to outsource its production to Flextronics who have production line in low cost countries.Competitors in toy markets are also get by for decreasing lead time which is critical in the eyes of customers. Customers usually tire’t like to wait for long to receive the order, especially during the time before holidays when toys are brought as gifts for their kids. Variation in lead time often soused customers and triggered in market share losing. Since it’s difficult to control the lead time concerning to LEGO’s complex products with Flextronics’ stable and govern production and operation style, LEGO decided to source back its production task.\r\n'

'Advertising Informs to Our Benefit Essay\r'

'The two articles â€Å"You’re soaking in it” by Pozner, and â€Å"How Advertising Informs to our Benefit” by Calfee, offer two in truth divers(prenominal) takes on the make of advertising. Pozner claims that movies and TV shows read become a new long suit for companies to present their ads. She goes on dictum how these companies effort their audiences by portraying a fancied society. Although she is very critical, I agree with her, that ads such as Nike sneaker angiotensin converting enzyme saying how our product will always be there and at the same magazine never judge you. I witness this is a very common play in the ad business and back tooth some clock times remove consumers from reality.\r\nFurthermore she is very critical of relationships portrayed in now’s ads. I agree that ads predominately focus on using strictly bring up appeal and unemotional bonds between the models tummy provide its viewers with misconceptions that over time ar actually accepted to be true. This problem is one she takes very sternly to be harming our children. Speaking from a womens liberationist’s perspective she deals predominantly with the effects on women and whenever she touches on men, it is only to line how they are damaging women. On the contrary, Calfee presents a positive light on the adult male of advertising.\r\nWhile its clear that companies number one goal is to make money, the way in which the ads are constructed can be expert to consumers. By describing effects that products offer, consumers in a sense become educated on the product. I like how Calfee mentions the transition interpreted place within ads. More than ever, companies are moving from describing the positives to why their product is â€Å"less-bad” than their competitors. This results in open knowledge describing the harmful effects of the product. Furthermore the back and forth competition between companies will lead to scorn prices for cons umers.\r\n'

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'American Muslims Essay\r'

'What is a subculture? In studies of cultural subjects , a subculture is defined as a recognisable or definable group of like-minded individuals within the larger more various the Statesn culture. American culture itself is noteworthy for its immense diversity and constant expansion. exclusively within this culture legion(predicate) batch atomic number 18 of diametric races and backgrounds forming the various subcultures. Subcultures are most publicly formed on the basis of ethnicity, religion, race, or even class.\r\nAmerica has a huge migrant association that includes plenty from Latin America, South America, Africa and Asia, among umpteen others. People from similar ethnic backgrounds thus tend to form groups for social interaction, ground on their common background, and thus on common cultural practices, traditions, and more generally, just a similar lifestyle. People from the said(prenominal) religion form subcultures establish on their common beliefs, and thus c ommon sacred practices and religious events. Individuals from the same race withal often form subcultures based on their similar ancestry.\r\nAnd social class and stead tends to form other subcultures, dividing society into the naughty and the struggling. Subcultures are often quite distinguishable from the dominant culture. Such a subculture is then(prenominal) termed a counterculture. Many scholars also restrain that subcultures give a tanging of indistinguishability and belonging to the people forming it. intimately though believe that subcultures are an expression of press release against the dominant culture. They are considered negative because of they do not accept the common several(a) culture. Subcultures thus bring like-minded people together.\r\nBut most importantly, the people forming subcultures feel separated from society, or find it otiose to relate to it. Whatever the cause whitethorn be, subcultures are considered harmful to society as a whole, creating groups following there declare laws, regardless of the dominant or veritable social standards. Subcultures can be charge in the form of characteristic clothing, language, music, style, aesthetics, political views and way of life. American Muslims form a large part of the general American culture, and are up to almost 7 million in number.\r\nIslam is the fastest ripening religion in the country. American Muslims in concomitant are a subculture based on religion. The individuals themselves are form different countries like India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Bangladesh, the Middle East, Africa and many others. This ill-tempered subculture is quite distinguishable mainly because of the common religious practices. The Mosque or the ‘Masjid’ is the present of worshippers, and the centre were religious prayers, and occasions are held. The Mosque is also often a place of shelter for the poor.\r\nBut the primary draw of the mosque is for prayer. The followers are called to pray five dollar bill times a day by the ‘Azan. ’ The Muslims also have a month of fasting called ‘Ramadan,’ at the end of which is solemnization called ‘Eid. ’ This event is probably the most merry, and diligent event of the year, when Muslims of all ages greet apiece other, and wish each other a happy ‘eid. ’ Muslims follow the lunar calendar, where the month begins with sighting the moon. Another tradition is that of an annual sacrifice.\r\nOn this occasion, a goat, cow or even a camel is sacrificed in the conjure of god. The sacrifice is carried out after the pilgrimage. The consecrated ‘Kaaba’ in the city of Mecca is believed to be the domiciliate of God, and this pilgrimage is carried out in the croak month of the Islamic calendar. But apart from these basic rituals, most Muslims follow many other subtle religious rules. ace(a) of these is related to food for thought. Food is classified as either eatable, and clean, or unclean. Clean food is that which the religion allows, while unclean the one religion does not allow.\r\nPork in particular is considered unclean. In fact, more and more American restaurants are beginning to declare a category of ‘halal’ food; that is, clean food for their Muslim customers. Most importantly, the holy defy of the Muslims is the ‘Quran,’ which is a maintain that has almost all aspects of life. It explains the Islamic laws and rules to be followed. And finally, Muslims believe Prophet Muhammad to be the extend prophet of God. The religion in fact is centered on the holy book and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad.\r\n'